Validate against: http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#

Schema ID: http://schemas.digitallinguistics.io/Tags-2.1.0.json

Type: object


A tag is a piece of metadata that can be applied to almost any DLx object. The tags object contains a set of tags for this resource as pairs of attributes and values. For example, a researcher might tag a suffix with the attribute person, and a value of 3, to indicate that the particular suffix is 3rd Person. If no value is needed, the value may also be set to true or false (but not null), however users are encouraged to use both attribute and value for every tag, since this helps identify the larger category that the tag value belongs to. Note: The Tags object does not have a type property.

Additional Properties

Any additional properties must adhere to the following schema:



A single tag, as an attribute-value pair.

This item must also validate against exactly one of the following schemas:

  • Type: string

  • Type: boolean

  • Type: number


The following are example values for this schema:

  • {
      "role": "subject",
      "activated": true
  • {
      "VOT": 0.012